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About Us

The mission of PIANGE DEVELOPMENT COMPANY (PDC) is to introduce and engage young people in a variety of activities which stimulate and enhance their self-improvement, both mentally and physically, by teaching self-respect and self-discipline while building self-esteem.

PDC was founded in 1982 in response to a need to offer positive alternatives for youth self-improvement. Young ladies were taught modeling and social etiquette via which they developed poise and self confidence in their formative years. Young men were introduced to Gung Fu martial arts which built self-confidence.

PDC Founders Master Jerome & Dr. PiAnge B.Jackson

Results We Achieve:

The PIANGE DEVELOPMENT COMPANY recognized the widespread occurrence of poverty, violence, and incarceration among urban youth more than 28 years ago and was determined to prevent this destructive cycle from destroying our most precious commodity.....our children!! To date we have participated in the successful development of children who have gone on to become entrepreneurs, lawyers, entertainers, community leaders, educators, and the like. We provide a different kind of LIFE INSURANCE, positive growth in our children and youths that contribute to society. PIANGE Development Company is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, composed of professional caring instructors that are state certified.

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